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What Exactly is BusinessDevelopment?

Isn’t it the same as Sales? 

Yes and No. Business development creates long-term value for an organization through meaningful, consistent interactions between customers, markets and relationships.

At its heart, business development is all about figuring out how those forces interact to create opportunities for growth. Does business development involve selling? Yes, but it’s really about the discipline of sales: where pure sales is focused on helping customers make a compelling decision, business development is focused on educating clients on how to make more advantageous decisions.

When it comes to partnerships, as opposed to direct selling to customers, business development is about educating companies on why they should partner with your company for a mutually beneficial purpose. For companies constantly withstanding competitors and other market forces, business development isn’t a lone task or project – it’s an ongoing process that’s embedded into the fundamental fabric of the organization.



Companies of all sizes engage with Larson & Associates for business development planning and execution. That means we are here to support your business efforts at any stage of development. By assembling an Associate team specifically tailored to meet the complex needs of each our clients, Larson & Associates is your out-sourced solution for:

  • Business Development and Execution

  • Business Needs Assessment

  • Business Planning

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Source New Clients

  • Maximize Existing Clients and Relationships

  • Identify Target Markets

  • Identify Untapped Business Opportunities

“Joanne is an exceptional business consultant. With a keen sense of understanding both strategy and tactical execution, Joanne possesses a business acumen that most seasoned professionals only hope to achieve.

I have worked with Joanne in a number of capacities and always enjoy teaming up. She is incredibly well connected, understands the needs of the customer, and is committed to delivering World-Class solutions. You really can’t ask for a more dedicated, focused partner. Clients lover her, team members respect her, and partners benefit from her.

Joanne is definitely at the top of her game and will always welcome the opportunity to work with her.”


Steve Navarro VP, Sales and Marketing at Mind Over Machines


Our relationships are founded on trust and integrity. We facilitate opportunities for that value to persist over the long-term, to keep the floodgates open so that value can flow indefinitely.


The success of Larson & Associates is founded around the due diligence we perform with every company and client we take on. Partnerships and client/vendor relationships only work if they are win-win for both parties. We ensure that the clients we commit to have sound business models and practices, and a proven track record of success or the capability to achieve it. In this way our contacts and colleagues can be assured that when we ask them to consider a potential partnership, we have thoroughly researched the introduction, and it will of interest to them and worthwhile.

We bring companies together with investors, organizations that can support their message through marketing, branding and design (web & mobile), and strong partners that are experts in those areas.



Many companies struggle not because they lack the services or products that the market needs, but because they’re not targeting the right clients and customers, via the correct channels, with the most convincing message about the most compelling offers.

Everything starts with a conversation. Where are you now? Where do you and your company want to go from here?


We help you focus on your goals, and devise the next steps that will take you there.

Even within the same sector, different firms have deviating goals, clients, competitors and different capabilities. Each of these has a significant impact on what the most effective strategies, tactics and approaches will be for that firm.

“I originally met Joanne when she was working with The Whit Harvey Group, helping them consolidate their message and expand their business reach. Part of her strategic plan included building a custom website, high-visibility ad placement, and a brand refresh. She researched appropriate graphic designers who would become an asset to the team she was building specifically to meet the needs of the The Whit Harvey Group. That’s where Shoot the Moon came in. Sometimes working with even a small group can be much like herding cats, but Joanne was able to keep the team focused and productive, resulting in a successful and ongoing plan to continue building the business. I was so impressed with Joanne, her work ethic and her strategic connections, that I when I wanted to grow my business, I came to her for advice. She helped me define my goals, create concise messaging, and connect me with clients. I recommend her highly.”


- Cathy Evans, Owner at Shoot the Moon

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