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With our help, several of our clients have earned even greater profits by selling their technology to larger companies, or taking their company public.

“I’ve been impressed by Joanne’s savvy business acumen and know-how in the venture stage of companies’ growth. She really knows her stuff when it comes to starting and growing a venture, developing business structures, and navigating nuances of high-tech.

Joanne lends a deft touch in understanding the needs and expectations of those taking risks – from the demands of startup founders/owners to the expectations of investors. Having worked with Joanne on a number of accounts, I’ve seen that she is also a natural “connector”, helping direct companies that she advises to the right teammates, service providers and investment opportunities. Lastly, Joanne is often the “glue” that a venture needs to build its business, especially when navigating through uncertain periods – keeping team members focused, with the right short- and long-term goals in mind.”

- Steve Wolf Founder and President at WolfWorks

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“I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Joanne for several years now. Without a doubt, Joanne is one of the most well-connected, energetic, and intelligent people I’ve ever known. She has an endless list of C-level contacts across the nation and around the globe, delivers on her commitments 100% of the time, and is constantly eager to leverage her extensive business experience and acumen in new ventures as well as learn new industries to identify opportunities.

Most of all, Joanne is a consummate professional with that rare combination of experience, skill and personality; she’s always willing to both learn as well as and teach from her years as an entrepreneur, executive, and leader. I consider myself very lucky to count her as both a friend and trusted business associate, and I wholeheartedly endorse her for any position that requires a knowledgable, experienced business leader.”

- John LinkousFounder and CEO, InterPoint Group

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